Consulting Areas

These are the areas in which we can be of help to you.

We will tailor our offer based on your needs after we thoroughly analyze them. Sometimes, what you need may be a piece of advice, another time it may be a need for rather systematic organizational education or training. There may be activities you simply want to outsource.

The first consultation (1-2 hours), in person or online, is free. Contact us.

Financing, Grants, EU Funds

Feasibility analyses, formulation of strategic objectives, goals, business and functional strategies, economic analyses and projections, budgets, business plans, elaboration of grant projects/requests, and project management/administration.

Organizational Development

Change management, leadership development, and development in the areas of organizational culture, structure, and processes.

Digital Transformation

Analyses, design, and implementation of management information systems, technological support of processes, linking technologies with strategy, business intelligence, knowledge management. Consulting, education, and services in this area with the complete delivery and implementation are offered in the partnership with

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